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Why choose Dave as your Photographer?

After I asked my repeat clients,

“Why did you decide to choose me as your photographer again?”,

the answer always comes back something like

“I know you will put your ALL into creating  great photos and will do what it takes to make me happy”.

Maybe it’s a fear of rejection or just the people pleaser in me,

but it’s true…

 The most important thing to me as a Southwest Florida photographer is to make you happy with the photos I create.

“I booked a session with Dave at Lasting Impressions to do a photo session with my husband and our grandchildren. We had a “pre session” meeting with Dave and, not only did he take the time to get to know each of our grandkids, but he gave us great suggestions on things we could do in/with our photos ( I had no idea!). I went into this hoping to get a few great shots of the kids and maybe one of all of us together. I ended up with the most truly amazing and creative images of the kids, all of us together and even a few of just my husband and I. Dave also made us a beautiful Blue Ray movie edited and set to music. We had so much fun, beginning to end and now have memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Dave, for exceeding our expectations! We absolutely love our pictures and look forward using Dave as our Photographer in another session with the WHOLE family!”

Taryn Sasser

Studio Family Portrait Customer

Our Guarantee

You must be absolutely “thrilled” with the photographs I create for you!!

Love them – even cry – “tears” of joy the very first time you see them!

If not… I will give you every penny back.  No questions asked and no hard feelings either.



One day they are the here, making each day more exciting than the next, and then the next, they are off to College, trade school, or wherever the future takes them.  As hard as it may be to accept, at least we have our photos to allow us to vividly remember those special times together.

My goal as a photographer is to create beautiful, impactful photos.  Photos that not only will dazzle their friends but ones that will move you each time you see them.


I am so fortunate I chose to be a photographer of people.  The “guy” in me would probably have missed the boat and lived a shallow life until the end.  Fortunately, as a photographer, I see every day how family is so important .  I have so much to be thankful for in this regard.  The loved ones around me give so much and it would be too easy to miss it in the rigors of life.  Every day is a gift and as I grow older I see it more and more.

Corporate/ Business

After writing the two sections above, I started to think that I would have to switch to a clinical unemotional mode before writing something  which is more about marketing than the warm fuzzy things in life. Then I thought about what has made me successful enough to be in business for the past decade and a half.  If I wasn’t able to make a bond with business partners and my clients alike, the photography studio surely wouldn’t have survived.  I could create the very best photos for Realtors, Doctors, Lawyers, but if I wasn’t able to connect with each client their photos would surely be phony, or lifeless at best.  If I didn’t connect with businesses, I’m sure referrals would never come.

Having an amazing Business Head-Shot is what makes your customers/clients/patients remember how pleasant you are.  Just going through my photos to create this website, I am brought back to my relations with each and every one!


Didn’t your first 20 years of life fly by!!  I know mine did.  One day you’re changing diapers, the next you are looking at colleges.  It goes so fast, how on earth are we to savor every moment?  The phrase, “A picture’s worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more appropriate.  Unfortunately, if you put a thousand words up on your wall, you would probably never read it.  A beautiful photo, however, can be read in an instant.  I love it when my clients cry after they see my photos (I’m twisted, I know).  If I can create that kind of emotion (good tears) then I know I have made something that will only grow more cherished as they grow!!
“I cannot express strongly enough my pleasure with the portraits provided by Dave Parmelee / Lasting Impressions. An utmost professional! He works with patience and immediately places you at ease. Concerned about specific needs and requests, he desires nothing more than to exceed your expectations. From the son of a professional photographer, I was accustomed to photos. Dave was simply superb. I was particularly impressed with his method of narrowing down to the “final photos” from all of those taken. You sit in a cozy sofa and see all of the photos projected on a screen on a wall in his studio. The process makes it easy for you, the client, to select the absolute perfect photos. The quality of the finished portraits are extraordinary. You would be doing yourself a dis-service if you do not at least look into Dave Parmelee Photographer. There will be no other for my family and friends.”
Jeffrey Harvey

Google Review

Dearest Dave,

“Heros give instead of take.  They act instead of talk.  They give the best of themselves not by wealth or comfort, but by the lives they touch along the way. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done to help us out.  You truly are the “hero” Special Guy everyone needs to meet.”

Elizabeth Esposito

Professional Family Pictures

Check out our "in house" Business Partners

Truly a one stop shop for all your photography/artwork needs. We have a frame shop that is second to none and the only full featured lab in Southwest florida. All in the same building

Creative Photo
Frame Works

A helping hand to fellow photographers

Becoming a photographer is a scary career move!  I remember almost 2 decades ago when I decided to pursue photography as a full-time business.  Although the learning curve has shortened with technology advancements, without a good understanding of the core fundamentals, a photographer will never be able to use his gear to create what he/she wants.  Even the most advanced camera today still allows the photographer to simply point the camera to something then shoot.  Manipulating the controls to adjust for depth, action, background to foreground separation among others, is what will truly open the creative mind of the photographer. Our sister company Creative Photo offers classes to teach you the basics.   I am also an open book to anyone wanting to learn more. Call to find out more about our mentor program.  I wouldn’t be where I am today If it wasn’t for a few photographer who were gracious enough to guide me in the early years!

I hope you really enjoy spending your time on our website. I not only want to take great photographs but give you a truly awesome experience as well. My ultimate goal is to have you so excited about your photography that you come back year after year and tell all your family and friends about us as you share your beautiful portraits. From the time of your first call, & every session I take for you thereafter, I want you to have a truly custom experience. Whether you live locally in Lee or Collier county or are one of our many destination clients, you should feel like family when working with Lasting Impressions, because in a way, you are!
Pictures with Pet

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Not A Model?

I have so many beautiful subjects come to my studio and say ” I never like the way you look in pictures, I’m just not photogenic .   If this is you, make sure to see our section on Modeling, for great advice on how to help you look your best for one of Daves sessions.

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