Family Photographer- Beach, Studio or Anywhere     


 I am fortunate enough to be blessed with some incredible family memories.  My parents have, and still show their love more by their actions than anything else.   

 Those memories of who I was are so deeply embedded into who I have become.  With each passing year I am reminded how short life is and how I wish I could just stop (or even slow down for that matter) time.  Family photos help me stop my busy life just long enough to relive the moments of yesterday.  Most people would probably describe me as a live by the moment type guy.  My life is always  a busy scurry, ...and as I am not wanting to miss anything, I end up missing everything.  Memories allude and all I have left to what I was are those special photos we were smart enough to capture.  As a photographer in Lee and Collier county Florida, I feel so honored to be the one endowed with the responsibility of capturing the lives of so many others!


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