Price Points

Our pricing structure can really be divided into two main categories.  First being Portrait sessions, second being Corporate.  Our corporate pricing includes corporate head shots, some event work and architectural interiors and exteriors. Our Portraits session pricing includes pretty much everything else such as  Family portraits, child and baby photography, HS seniors, exec. 

Corporate Pricing 

 For headshots we have two basic options.

 Option One (all inclusive):  This option includes clothing phone consult, corrective lighting  studio session, private viewing, selected image fully retouched, and image optimized for web use as well as direct marketing campaigns.  Retouches include removing lines and wrinkles, removing stray hair, softening skin & evening out tones, and thinning of body features on request. We never charge extra for special requests and if it needs fixed then you can consider it done.  Images are then saved on CD or your flash drive. The cost for this option is $225, and is by far our most popular (90-95% new clients, and 100% of repeat clients choose this).
Option Two (quick and easy):   is like the first minus most of the time we spend reviewing and retouching your images.  In other words, once the images are taken, we simply save all of them on CD and set you on your way.  Cost for this option is $175.

All other corporate photography is on a quote/proposal basis- please call (239) 433-0004


 Portrait Pricing

 Our portrait photography pricing starts with an in-person (when applicable) design consultation at no charge.  This preliminary meeting  will help you with determining the best clothing, portrait location setting (if off site), and things you will need on hand during your session.  The meeting also helps us get to know you and perform a preliminary facial study to help us prepare our lights  for the upcoming photography.  Yes, this initial in-person or over the phone talk is little extra effort on both our parts.  However, over the years, I have found this quick get together is what really catapults our work to the next level! 

Next up is the session fee (which we like to call the creation fee).  This fee covers the time of the session itself and does not apply to any printed portraits. Session fees are always paid in advance to hold your spot on our schedule.  They are fully refundable if the session has to be postponed or cancelled.  Session fees are $150 in the Studio and $250 on location.

Portrait prices are a little harder to give specific prices as we try to accommodate every possible scenario.  Therefore we have included the benefit of Ala-carte and package in one.  You simply order to your hearts content, and based on product and price point, we calculate a percentage savings- hence turning ala-carte to a package deal.  Gift size portraits start at $40 and canvas wall portraits start at $280 prior to the percentage off you will receive with your order.  Package  savings will range from 10% to 40%. .  Expect to invest at least $300-$800 for a set of gift portraits, and $900  for a canvas wall portrait with some smaller photos as well.

We accept all major credit cards.

Over the years we have come up with the best  quality product available for our wall portraits.  Beautiful, carefully finished in-house, and made to stand the test of time!

topOther Specials Below

HS Senior

The time of your life just got a whole lot better!! Click here for some serious savings on your next session with Dave


Look your best for no extra charge.  ....Um, what I meant to say is retouching is free (for a limited time).  Click here for details.

Charity  Co-op

Photography has given a lot to us! Here at Lasting Impressions,  it's our turn to give a little back.  Click here to see our current charity partners, or if you have a charity auction that you would like us to support.

Baby Panel

This is a limited mailing only available to clients who received our direct mail piece. If you did click here

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