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The Challenge

  • How do I make that great first impression?
  • What will help my customers remember me when they need my services?
  • How do I plant that subliminal seed when they meet that perfect referral?

The Solution

A great Business Head-Shot will help solve all three of these issues and More!  
  • While others may have cheap looking headshots, your’s will stand out!!
  • It’s way easier to remember a face (or photo of a face) than a name!
  • They will remember you when they or the people they know will need your services!!!

Customer Sees Your Headshot

An Impression Is Made

They Research You Further



Why are they not calling?

Are You Remembered But Forgotten?

You’re a fleeting thought in their memory.  Your clients know they need something from you, but they get caught up with everything else in life. Is your current headshot making a Lasting Impression?

Have you left the right impression?

A poor (or no) Business Headshot photo subliminally tells your customers you are not making an investment in yourself.  They wonder what you will do for them(?).

Do you look better in real life?

It’s true, your business  photo can actually be a hindrance to your business goals if you look more professional in person.

It's not only about the camera

Although it is an important tool to create a great Business Photo, similar results to the example to the right (or below on a mobile device) will happen even with the best camera (without the right  knowledge, experience and relaxed environment).
Cellphone Headshot
Dave Parmelee

Both of these photos were unretouched


The one above was taken with a cellphone

(That is known to have one of the best cameras)

The one below was taken professionaly

(By a photographer (my assistant) I trained on the nuances of lighting and posing)
Dave Parmelee
Dave Parmelee

Why are you not calling?

Not like the way you look in pictures?

I hear from the vast majority of my prospective clients that they don’t like the way they look in photos.  I know you have heard this before, but I  guarantee you’ll love the way you look“!!!

It's too big of an expense for too little reward?

Think again.  Take the $200 or so that you’ll invest in a nice professional headshot and divide that into 3 years (average lifespan of headshot you’ll love), and it’s a no-brainer!!

Have more business than you can handle?

Congrats on your success.  You’re in the category of my favorite clients as you understand how important differentiating yourself is to your longevity.   A great headshot simply will give you a better presence and bond to your existing clientele.
Dave Parmelee
Dave Parmelee
Professional Headshot

The Results Were Amazing

“As a retired performing musician I’ve been in front of more than a few cameras. Never have I been more pleased with the results than I am with Dave’s fine work at Lasting Impressions. His images are expertly crafted with stunning creativity and a glorious eye for light and detail. Lasting Impressions is a real gem.”   -Ty Alexander

You only have one chance...

to make a first impression!

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