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The Sea, the Sun- and Family

What Could Be Better!
This is the time of year for Family 

Your sister called and said they are flying in to visit in a few weeks. The best family beach photographer

It’s your job to find the best family beach photographer in Sanibel, Captiva or Ft. Myers.  A lot is going through your mind as Uncle Joe has a really nice camera, your neighbor’s daughter is a photographer, or you could not chance it and look for the best family beach photographer- Sanibel, Captiva, Ft. Myers that you can find.

The first thing you consider is the uncle Joe option.

 He spent thousands on his camera last year.   That has to make him good right?  Your not sure if it’s the camera or the photographer that really makes the difference, though. You wonder …so  many things go into a beautiful family photo. It’s more than just recording what’s there.  Lighting, staging, interesting angles, and even bringing out personalities are so important.  Besides, he will be in the photos and should enjoy the experience too.  Maybe I should look into finding the best family Sanibel Island beach photographers.

My neighbors daughter is a photographer

You have thought about using her before.  She is really nice and some of her work is really good.  Some of it isn’t though… You feel she might not be experienced enough to know exactly how to manipulate her lights or even the position the sun in relation to who she is photographing to get consistently nice beach pictures.  You know this is such an important day.  Everyone has to get their hair done, have the clothes much time will go into getting ready, you surely don’t want the embarrassment of having to re-do it another day if results less than satisfactory.  Besides, Uncle Tom will only be in town for 2 days. Maybe it’s time to look for the best family beach Sanibel photographers.

What beach for photos - Sanibel, Captiva or Ft. Myers

You know all three areas are beautiful, and wonder… would a seasoned photographer that has used all three regularly know the best areas and enlighten us, as where is best for our family?

“Dave” Suggests what to look for in the Best Family Beach Photographer in Sanibel, Captiva or Ft. Myers

L et’s face it, the above scenarios face most families when looking for a beach photographer.  The family member that has the great camera, or the “friend that knows, or is, a part-time photographer”.  It’s all very tempting.  No one likes to spend a bunch of their hard earned money on something that they can do themselves, or contract out cheaply. I am actually quite the “do it yourself-er” myself and usually have to spend months acquiring a new skill, only to have my completed projects scrutinized by my wife who is shooting off convincing arguments, as to why we should have had it done professionally .

As to the two options above, If it’s just the camera that makes the Uncle an option over the neighbor, I would pick the neighbor.  I strongly feel great beach portraits have more to do with  the photographers than anything that can be bought.  Creativeness should go beyond fancy lights and expensive cameras.  If I was given a disposable camera (remember those) I would like to think I would be able to create more moving images than an amateur, or semi-pro with the very best gear. Hey, that sounds like a great competitive blog post, doesn’t it?  Stay tuned as I just put it on the list of posts to create, after the holiday rush!

As to the which beach Sanibel, Captiva or Ft. Myers section above

It is important to find a nice beach, although, again the photographer is what ultimately  is able to capitalize on the beauty that is there.  Knowledge of lighting, camera angle, depth perception, lens compression, and posing will ultimately make up the beautiful scene the photographer is pre-visualizing.  Our studio always starts with a design consult where we get to know who we are photographing, talk about all the different  beaches, and what they have to offer, recommended attire among others.  There is no charge for this and I recommend meeting with a pro like Dave at Lasting impressions before you decide.  There is never any pressure to use us. It might really open your eyes.  After all,  you are on a search for the best family beach photographer- Sanibel, Captiva, Ft. Myers, aren’t you?


Top 5 beaches in the area for family photos video coming soon!

Check back ! We’re going live soon!

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