It’s those beautiful things in life that we must cherish and not brush past.

It’s 4 a.m. on the Thursday after Valentine’s Day and I just woke up hours before I normally do with my mind whirling.  It’s whirling with the thoughts and interactions that i have with those people that I care about in life, so I decided to write this post.

When you read this slow down.

I often speed read for content, but in this try to read it for feel instead. Think of this as my belated Valentines Day Post. or better a Valentines day that runs into the next.

My choosing a career path as a family photographer has been a gift in so many ways. One of those gifts is seeing the many facets of love. Seeing a couples love for one another warms my heart. I guess you could say I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.

I love romantic movies. I have seen two movies over the last couple weeks that keep running through my mind. One was “Next” (with Nicholas cage and Jessiica Beal) and the other is “Passengers” (with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence). They both happened to have the same hidden theme and had me tearing up.

They are about finding your soulmate , a puzzle piece that will fit only you… the one that just lights up your life and makes you a better person than you would be if you were alone..

This blog post was supposed to be my first, but I wrote it several times, each time deciding to scrap my hard work. I felt they just never did justice to what I saw in this session with the Burkes, so I couldn’t bring myself to publish them. What I saw was love, but what I was writing about was theory & basic observation in my “get it done” mindset. I missed expressing the underlying beautiful feeling that ties with the movies above. You see, ..not only was this a family session, .. but it was also about the Genesis of the family,  “A Couples Love” (as there were three).

With this thought in your mind….no let me rephrase …”in your soul”,  I am not going to ruin the feel of this session by writing about each photo. Instead I am going to make a Fort Myers beach photographers movie of sorts (slideshow), and let you think about the love that has made the couple, which in turn made the family and then finally the couples!

I’ll end this with a quote I pulled from the end of a movie I watched a while back. It was from one of the “Matrix’s” series. Again, it had me in tears & touched me to to the point of pausing the movie a few dozen times so I could write it down . It wasn’t meant to be about couples or families…or was it?? let the romantic in you, decide? Once read, pause for a moment and think about it.

Here it is (read it very slow and pause at each line break):

Look at us

always rushed, always late

Guess that’s why they call it the human race

But sometimes, it slows down Just enough

for all the pieces to fall in place

Fate works it’s majic and your connected

Every once in a while

among all the randomness

Something unexpected happens and it pushes us all forward

and the truth is

what im starting to think

what I’m starting to feel

That maybe the human race

Isn’t a race after all!!

Just wanted to end with a word of thanks to Ashley.  She was my assistant during this session.  Without her expertise and bubly personality, these images wouldn’t have been possible.

Also I wanted to thank the Burkes for letting me be their photographer over the years.  Seeing clients come back not only warms my soul but also fuels my passion as a photographer.

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