hope you like the photography and please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions. We are in the office Mon-Thurs from 9am-2:30PM. Please keep in mind we are still available for photo sessions in the evening hours. Simply know that we aren’t hobbyists working out of the house, we work full time in the studio and can be reached during business hours on these days to meet any of your needs.

Do you cry at sad or happy movies?

I do.

Our Philosophy:
Rather than list our credentials, I will simply state that we have been doing this nearly two decades, and I hope you see the passion, quality and love in our work! Below is a list of some things that might help you decide if we are a fit, and I am the type of photographer you are in search of.

If you are looking for quick work at ultra cheap prices, we probably aren’t the best match for you. There are many studios that do quite well with a high volume workflow. However, I decided when I started the business that I wanted to create the best possible photos I could and charge a fair price, rather than do a cheap job and leave it at that. Thankfully, our clients have been thrilled with our photography.

I strongly feel creating the best possible work on a consistent basis requires a certain time commitment on both of our parts. We take the time needed to not only help you relax, but also the time needed get to know you before your session. We realize not everyone is a model or actor and being in front of a stranger’s camera can be awkward. My goal is to spend the time before the photography begins to turn awkward to natural.

 When you see your photos for the first time, my goal is for you to love all of them.  My goal is consistently good results, and not to just get a couple of good ones based taking a thousand pictures and a probability factor.

Do you cry at sad or happy movies? I do. If you love life and are emotional about it, you’re like me in this respect.  I am so close to photography that I sometimes take it for granted. Fortunately I have each and every customer/friend to thank for keeping it real. I truly get a chance to see how important it is everyday. I have experience in portrait and product photography, yet when someone asks what kind of photographer I am, I never hesitate in my reply—“A Portrait Photographer”. The rewards of photographing people so outweigh the challenges. I photograph people because I love the excitement of life myself, and capturing it for others is so rewarding!

 I have been photographing people as a full-time career for the past decade and a half and truly feel the end product is more about my personal desire to create the best product I can along with my continually growing skill sets.  I feel that the sum of what I do is more than a combination of just time spent and equipment cost.  Please understand, my goal is to try to craft photography that is as exceptional as I can make it, and not simply push a button, run it through a batch and hand over a CD. Bottom line is I want to create photography that is very emotional and well… special!!




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