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In this competitive economy, looking better than your competition, can sometimes be the difference between having dead silence or hearing the glorious sound of the phones ring.

Sorting through businesses on the web, it’s pretty easy to spot those who have invested in a nice image or headshot of themselves and those that gave the camera to uncle Charlie (no offense Charlie) for a quick snapshot.   Just as is a small business having a nice storefront, or a realtor with a  clean car, a professional business photo is an unspoken message that is constantly working  for you.

O.K., so it’s undisputed that you need a good professional image; but, then why do so many people and businesses fall short in this area?  Businesses abound have spent an enormous sum on looking great (nice signs, lavish architecture, upscale furniture), but still fail to display nice portraits of their staff or selves.

The #1 reason for this oversight?    The majority of us really hate the way we look to the camera.

We hear all the time “I’m not photogenic”, “I look better in person” , “ I’d rather be behind the camera than in front of it”.  Yet, even though many of our clients feel  this way,  they actually  leave our studio, glowing with happiness,  saying  “I can’t wait to post  my headshot, it’s the best I’ve ever had!”.

One of the things that separates Lasting Impressions by Dave’s work from others  is our dedication and time spent to make you look your very best.    The face has many angles that are best viewed in 3 dimensions, while paper (or a computer screen) has just two.  The art of the perfect portrait lays in analyzing each person’s unique features and  finding a way to not only use posing  to bring out their best, but also to enhance with proper lighting and photoshop techniques.   Of course the other trick to a great photo is in finding ways to make our subjects feel at ease in the foreign studio environment so they can truly be themselves.  How  do we do this?  Dave replies … “It’s a little hard to explain…  Lets just say I’m a bit of a goof (think absent minded professor meets Martin Short).  A playful demeanor really counteracts the stress some associated with having their photo taken.  I’m totally O.K with people laughing at me not with me!”

Not a computer person?  Don’t worry,  we’ll talk you through how to upload your images and give you tips on how to best utilize your images online.

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and leave all the details to us! We specialize in headshots in Ft. Myers, Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Estero, and Bonita.  Contact Southwest Florida’s premier professional corporate photographer today!  Conveniently located in central Fort Myers, FL and servicing all of Lee County.

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