High School Seniors


e provide a fun and relaxed environment while working with you one on one to make sure your true personality is captured.

Lasting Impressions  is the best choice for senior portraits in Fort Myers, and all of Lee County and Southwest Florida. We spend all the time needed to create truly amazing images that bring out the essence of who you are. Whether you are looking for traditional images or couture style portraits you see in magazines, your high school senior portraits will clearly stand miles apart from all the others.





This is the time of your life...remember it forever

You deserve really great pictures once in your lifetime. Your high school senior pictures should be the best images of you that you will ever have and cherish for the rest of your life. We learn all of your likes and dislikes and culminate all of that knowledge into an amazing photo session that will give you portraits as unique as you are.


What will my session be like?
In a word…FUN! In two more words….AN EXPERIENCE. That’s what you get with Lasting Impressions – an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. You might be a little nervous at first, but not for long. Our friendly atmosphere, professional and friendly staff and accommodations that we personalize for every client will have you relaxed in no time!

Can I bring a friend to watch?
Absolutely!! If it will help you to feel more relaxed, bring a friend, parent or family member along with you…why not bring 2?

When do I decide what portraits I want to order?
After you have viewed your video projection, you will be given the chance to go through each photo, one at a time, and decide how many you would like to bring home and show off to everyone! Don’t worry…you’ll receive a complete explanation of our video projection process and timeline.

What if my parents and I like different poses?
No problem! We create plenty of poses to please both you and your parents. Unlike many other photographers, we do not enforce a certain number of poses, clothing changes or styles…in fact, we encourage you to play with your poses!! Do what comes naturally! You can bring your parents or friends and they can all let us know what poses they’d like to see you in and we’ll do it for you. There are no restrictions at Lasting Impressions…how far can your imagination take you?

Call us to start the process, and prepare to experience incredible photos featuring… you!


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