I am incredibly lucky to make my living taking photographs. In my two decades of experience, I have photographed a widely diverse group of subjects.

But, I ‘m fascinated and inspired by people and their pets that come into the studio.

Recently, Elaine and her Havenese Alice came in for their family portrait.  From the moment they came in, the devotion, joy and happiness were evident in owner and canine companion.

Alice was so expressive! I kept her focused with conversation and maybe a treat or two.  She responded confidently to every command from Elaine. And, she just knew that she looked her holiday best with red and green bows on her ears.

When I work with people and their animals, I keep the backgrounds very simple allowing for both human and canine personalities to reflect back to the lens. I used a few retouching techniques to scale back the color on Elaine’s sweater providing an interesting contrast.  This image was selected as a wall portrait and will be prominently displayed for friends and family to enjoy for years to come.

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