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any psychologists who specialize in early childhood development believe that children who see their own images displayed throughout the home grow up with a feeling of well-being and self-confidence. Portraits on display, they agree, serve to make a child feel loved and valued. And when mom and dad and even grandparents appear in the portrait, the child is reminded of the meaningful place he or she enjoys within the family.

What better way to demonstrate how you feel about your child than to decorate your home with portraits made at important milestones in his or her life!


Planning Your Child’s Portrait History
The milestones of childhood can never be repeated. But, they can be captured in portraits that tell the story of a child’s growing up…as he or she passes through a series of stages…moving ever closer to adulthood.

Yet, for many families, the important milestones of their children’s history are marked only by hastily purchased “record photographs” that are filed away in a frame behind the most recent photo, lie forgotten in a drawer or simply fade away.

Someday, the child you hold now will want to tell your grandchild what it was like when he or she was growing up. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a beautiful album of priceless images of that childhood to pass down to future generations.

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Age 3

Still toddlers, most three-year-olds have discovered how to entertain themselves.
The world of toddlers is filled with portrait opportunities that capture the mystery and fantasy that are so much a part of these joyful days of discovery and make-believe that fade so soon.
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Age 6 to 8

During this period, the snagging tooth age ends and permanent teeth emerge to change the facial contours.
A developing mind reveals a more mature, inquiring look. Now off to school and making their way in the world…There is so much to learn! Portraits made at this age help to confirm a child’s positive self image.
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Age 9 to 12

As the child prepares to enter the teenage years, physical, emotional, and attitude changes occur.
The little person you have known so well is about to become a more complex a less dependent young person. Peer acceptance is now important, and portraits can capture the child’s sense of style and expanding horizons.

Age 13 to 15

The early teenage years – a kind of dress rehearsal for adulthood – have begun to erase the memories of childhood.  At this age  maturity kicks in and the big changes hapen in terms of growth.

High School  Seniors

The next  step is HS senior photography.  This is probably the most incremental photography before true adulthood. Please go to our Senior Page here for more info.

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